X125T-MX Engine Package <p style="color:green">*JUNIOR SPONSORSHIP*</p>
TM KZ10C Factory Prepared
X125T Engine Package <p style="color:red">*TRADE IN PROGRAM*</p>
Brand New In-Box SKUSA X30 Engine Package
Italkart 50mm Sprocket Hub Carrier - Magnesium
Briggs & Stratton High Performance 4T Engine Oil
Alfano A1870 Tyrecontrol P (Pressure Only)
50 x 115mm Rear Hub - Gold
Italkart Team Jacket
2017 Italkart Hat - Red/Black
2017 Italkart Hat - Fitted
Women's SIMA Black Tanktop
Motoplat/Ducati Puller
9.5L Extractable Fuel Tank - Tank Only
9.5L Extractable Fuel Tank - with accessories
MG Tires - HZ Red 4.5/6.0
IM Stiletto HQ One Man Kart Stand
LP3900 Bench Top Honing Machine - DISPLAY  UNIT
50 x 115mm HQ Intrepid Rear Hub
Pedal Bolt HQ
Rocket Sprocket Chain Protector and Guide
Spindle Bolt - 10mm (91mm Length) Special
Filler Cap Reservoir with Air Vent
Filler Cap Reservoir with Air Vent M14x1,5 (Threaded)
Sparco Air Pro RF-5W Helmet
Sparco Tire Bag
Sparco Karting Knee Pads
IM Black Electric Kart Stand with Hooks and Belt
IM Hookless Electric Kart Stand
IM Black Semi-Automatic Kart Stand with Hand Winch and Hooks
Basic Kart Stand
Basic Kart Stand -Black
Dual Kart Display Stand
HQ Dual Kart Display Stand
Upright Kart Display Stand
IM  Kart Stand with Pneumatic Wheels
HQ Kart Stand - Chrome
Euro Kart Stand Wheel
30mm Aluminum Sprocket Carrier
50 x 115mm Rear Hub - Natural
Chain Guard - KZ
Bracket Kit for Chain Guard - KZ
Safety Ring for Large Spark Plug (E21mm)
Safety Ring for Small Spark Plug (E16mm)
50mm Hub Spacer/Thickness Kit
Hand Tight Bead Locks (M5)
M5 Bead Lock O-Ring
Complete 50mm Floating 6-Point Rotor Assembly (16mm thick rotor)
Rear Rotor - Floating (197 x 16mm)
Radiator Hose Coupling for 10mm Sensor