X125T Engine Package <p style="color:red">*TRADE IN PROGRAM*</p>
Nox Airbox Cradle
Plastic Water Pump - Transparent
Plastic Water Pump - Black
Pop-Off Gauge with Case
Engine Sprocket Holder
Cadet Body Work Complete Set with Italkart Sticker Kit
Aluminum Foot Rest
Oil Measuring Unit - 500cc
Funnel with Flexible Extension (with filter screen)
Oil Measuring Unit - 250cc
Torsion Bar Clamp Kit - 30mm
Floorpan / Belly Pan - Drilled #1
Floorpan / Belly Pan - Drilled #4
Complete IPK KF Brake Kit - USED
Front Rotor (Floating) 149x11mm
Rear Rotor (Floating) 187x14mm
Outside Brake Pad - Evo 5+
Middle Brake Pad - Evo 5+
Intrepid Rental Kart Brake Pad
50mm HQ Brake Rotor Carrier - S1 Line
Brake Bleeder Fittings - 1/8
Brake Bleeder Fittings - M6
Rear Cadet Rotor Assembly - 25mm Hub
Front/Rear Caliper

Front/Rear Caliper

$45.00 - $75.00


Silverstone Racing Floorpan / Belly Pan - Drilled
Suzuka Racing Floorpan / Belly Pan - Drilled
Intake Manifold - Leopard (and Reedjet) BILLET
Seat Strut Kit
25mm Brake Rotor Carrier - M1 Line
Steering Column Support - Aluminum
Master Cylinder - 22mm Fixed Lever
"Dual Piston" Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder - 22mm Adjustable Lever
IM Manual Tire Changer
IPK R2 Front Disc/Rotor Support - Basic
Ribtect Chest Protector - Child
Water Temp Probe Connection - M10
100cc 50mm Front Hub
IM Black Electric Kart Stand with Hooks and Belt
IM Hookless Electric Kart Stand
IM Black Semi-Automatic Kart Stand with Hand Winch and Hooks
50mm x 1030mm Extra Hard Universal Axle **SALE**
Cadet Wheel Set - 100mm/130mm
Spindle Bolt - 10mm (118mm Length)
25mm Brake Rotor Carrier - 3 Point **SALE**
Blue Silicone Radiator Hose 90° Ends - 600mm
Red Silicone Radiator Hose 90° Ends - 600mm
Knob for Shift Lever
Italkart Bare Frame #1 *SALE*