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Digital Degree Wheel 3 EVO

The Digital Degree Wheel is an electronic device that shows with a digital reading the measurement diagram of the internal combustion engine (for both of the two-stroke and four-stroke engines), at a tenth degree of precision. It is essential to know precisely all the distinctive corners of two-stroke engine as suction, exhaust, opening and closing of valves, and the width of the valves of four stroke engines. It has been made to replace the traditional graduate degree wheel or goniometer and to work out the problem of precision, basic element when preparing competition engines.

    * Reading at the hundredth degree of precision - ex. 128,15°
    * High precision when measuring thanks to an extremely accurate encoder
    * Information about the battery-charge status
    * Dimension : 100x60mm
    * Back lit display to make sure an high visibility of the reading process even when you are in critical room
    * AA rechargeable batteries powered which automatically recharge themselves as soon as connection with the feeder is established
    * Coupling for attachment the engine controlled
    * Automatic power off after not having used for 5 minutes
    * High working autonomy

 Particular functions
Through the push-button MODE it is possible to evaluate how many revolutions the encoder has made and then it is useful to measure the gear in the 125 cc category.

The Digital Degree Wheel is made up of the display unit which enables to catch sight of the outcome of the measuring through a graphic, monochromatic display 122x32 pixel and through the encoder. This last one is to be put on the drive shaft through the threaded, little bushing, putting between them the plastic joint ( we supply you with ) wich enable to reduce the imperfect aplomb between the drive shaft and the encoder. To reach a perfect measuring it is necessary to consider a very important factor: the assembling of the encoder on the drive shaft must be as much as possible perpendicular so that during his spinning there won’t be any irregular movement which could cause a wrong measuring. To this end it is essential to use the plastic joint you are supplied with to correct any lack of alignment.

2 stroke engine :

    * Timing port measuring
    * Gear shift ratio measuring

4 stroke engine :

    * Cam timing measuring
    * Gear shift ratio measuring

Digital Degree Wheel Info Sheet
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