Spindle (long) - 8mm/17mm/10.5degree

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  Italkart Chrome Long Stub Spindle with 8mm kingpin bearings, a17mm shaft, and is set at 10.5 degrees (no-dot). Fits karts that allow for 8mm kingpins.  This spindle is available with the attached caliper bracket (for karts with front brakes).  These spindles may have Italkart, Intrepid or SKM laser etched on them.

Fits Italkart, SKM, Intrepid and others.

 Spindles are sold individually, left or right available.

***Before ordering, check measurements below and check pictures as visual identification (caliper bracket).  The caliper bracket has a triangle shaped relief hole (see secondary picture).


A= 10.5 degree

B= 17mm

C= 10mm

D= 38mm

E= 93mm

F= 167mm

G= 22mm

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