Cadet Ages 7-11

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The Cadet Laguna is a versatile driver friendly chassis. The light steering is crucial for the younger driver so they can go quickly without fatiguing.  The kart comes with caster/camber pills, billet front spindles and adjustable front and rear ride height.  This kart is perfect for a young driver being introduced to the sport or the little racer looking to take on the any major event.

You have the option of selecting either the X125T  the popular 100cc Parilla Leopard (which both are water cooled, electric start and restricted) or the 4 stroke L0206 pull start engine.  You can easily graduate to the next level and move all the way in to senior simply by removing restrictors!

****** tires not included*******
Tube Size: 28 mm
Axle Size: 30mm Standard 
Axle Bearings: 2
Brake System: EV04 Hydraulic
Master Cylinders: Reservoir self adjusting
Rear Rotor: Floating Vented Rear
Fuel Tank: 4 litres
Spindles: 10.25 Degree Standard
Torsion Bars: N/A
Front Ride Height: Adjustable
Rear Ride Height: Adjustable

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