X125T Engine Package <p style="color:red">*TRADE IN PROGRAM*</p>
TM L Joint - OK
TM Pulverize Tool - Emulsion Tube Remover
Double Master Cylinder Bolt Kit
Master Cylinder Lever - blunt ended
Master Cylinder Lever
Chassis Clamp 32mm X125T
ICA and Leopard Restrictor - 17mm
ICA and Leopard Restrictor - 19mm
IAME Battery Support
Yamaha 11T Direct Drive Sprocket
Briggs Chain Guard Kit
28mm Brake Caliper Piston - Italkart, Intrepid, Praga
Reducer for Carb Control Check Pump
Fuel Tank Bracket - Fit New Gas Tank to Old Chassis
Front Brake Pad Shim - 2014 Italkart and Intrepid
Silencer / Noise Filter Clamp (68/79-5)
Tie Rod Ends HQ - 10mm Male
TM KZ10C Prepared
Bengio Carbon/Kevlar Bumper/Rib Protector
Bengio Carbon Bumper/Rib Protector
Rear Rotor (208.5 x 12) Grooved
Spindle - 8mm/17mm
IM Inclined Steering Shim
Specialty Seat Bolt
IM Starter Insert Adapter
Bell Light Smoke SRV/ GP2 Youth Replacement Shield
Mikuni Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit
Kit Laser for wheels convergence D.17/25mm
Front Brake Rotor - 10mm Thick
Blue/Chrome "Active" Air Box - 30mm
Red/Chrome "Active" Air Box - 30mm
Black/Chrome "Active" Air Box - 30mm
Chromed Holder Support for Active Airbox
Chromed Bracket for Active Airbox
Black Rain Cover for Active Airbox